i haven’t got any idea’s about what to get for my boyfriend for his birthday, and it’s his 18th.

He’s into heavy rock, rock and jazz music, and all of his favorite bands, he’s been to see live already so i can’t do that, and he has all their albums and stuff already.
He’s never really drank much, and his parents aren’t big on him drinking so i can’t really get him anything alcoholic.

He’s into tennis, but getting him something tennis-like isn’t really my idea of romantic 🙁
Its our 6 month anniversary just 4 days before, so I’m writing him a letter to say how much i love him and how much he means to me and I’m going to wait and give it to him on his birthday, but thats just not enough considering i got a really, really pretty necklace and a £15 itunes gift-card for my birthday from him.

I’m trying to find a job but at the moment i haven’t found anything, so i haven’t got a lot of money, though my parents said they’d lend me some so i have about £40 to spend on him.

His parents are going to want to see what i got him so i need to take that into consideration too.

I REALLY need some sort of help because I’m struggling and his birthdays on the 17th of September :S

thank you for any help 🙂