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Egg’s a sunny day


Monkey Business Sunnyside Silicon Egg Shaper

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Eggs are one of the most versatile food available in our world. In fact, egg is also considered as one of the healthiest food. It contains a lot of minerals and essential nutrients that our body needs. Eggs can be a great food to be served for your family to keep them energized for the whole day. Unfortunately some people don’t like to eat breakfast. To boost the appetite of your family is the presentation of the foods.

Pop up your usual sunny side up with this witty-made invention perfect for uplifting and making a new image of your ordinary egg. The sunnyside silicon egg shaper. Separate the egg yolk from the egg white. Then pour and fry the egg yolk into the sun and the egg white into the clouds. Now you can literally make a sunny side up. Its dimension is 13.8 by 11 by 2.4 centimeters. It is made of silicon so it is free from harmful chemicals. You be can be a hundred percent sure that the food you prepared is safe. Upgrade the normal image of your fried egg into one creative and appealing sunny side up!

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